Saturday, June 9, 2012

Single Female - SF1

You go home stunned.  That’s all you can call it.  When you shut the door in your apartment you feel completely alone, more than you ever have in your life.  You know the day you are going to die, but you don’t know quite how.  Will the building fall on you?  Will you be out walking and see the sky turn to flames, not be able to breathe?  How will it happen?  Virtually on “automatic” you call your mother, but are determined not to tell her.

Your mother answers in Illinois, “Mom?”

“Yes, is everything, OK?” she asks.  You swallow hard, nearly breaking down, “Sure, Mom, I was just thinking of you and I thought maybe I would come for a visit.  I’ve got a lot Travel Miles and…”

“Sure,” she says, “Are you sure everything is OK?” she asks and you know “You can’t fool Mom,” but you’ll give it your best shot.
“Yes mother, everything is OK.  I just feel like I need a break from all this and where else would I want to be?”  You have not lost your people skills; mom buys it.

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