Friday, July 6, 2012


          This is the first example of a new medium, the “blog-book,”  “book-blog” or “blook,”  however that contraction of “blog” and “book” has been trademarked so we cannot use it.  The original “blook” was a blog printed in book form.  We have a very different concept. 

        Our “blog-book” can have the content of a book in blog form to take advantage of this technology:
           Blog-books can branch for use as teaching tools or in a fiction format have more than one outcome.   This example is four stories in one with lines for (a)  Single Female, (b)  Married Female, (c) Single Male and (d) Married Male. Reader participation is fully facilitated.   These books play like games.
         If you wish to suspend reading simply note the page you are on and you can return to it by inputting a search key, i.e. "D3" for Day 3 or SF3 for Single Female day three, etc.

           As a teaching medium several choices at every step along the way insure success as every error is corrected without personal embarrassment or the hesitation that inspires.  Incorrect  choices are explained and the reader is given as many chances as he or she needs to get the correct answer.  The system has infinite patience.

          Controversial issues are easily handled in this format as no personalities are involved.   Choices and arguments presented are easy to deal with free of personality.

          In this example we present a sci-fi story of an asteroid striking Earth through the eyes of seven people.  Your path through it depends on your sex and marital status and you can choose another if you wish.  This is four books in one adapted to the audience.  Reader involvement is greater than ever.  There are many advantages.

          This is a medium where carrying advertising appropriate to content is placed by “spiders,” computer programs continually searching participating blog content for good places for contracted ads.

          The medium can also support product placement.  The characters don’t drink wine, they use particular labels.  They drive branded cars, and so through all the products used.  Even location placements can be sold. Where the text can be edited branding can change so many kinds of contractual arrangements are possible based on numbers of page views and how they rise and fall.  This is the future of book publishing.

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