Thursday, June 7, 2012

Single Male - SM1

You drive home in your Mercedes 500 fully on automatic.  Your mind is numb and blank.  If anyone asked you what you saw or heard on that trip you could honestly tell them, “Nothing.”  

You arrive at your condo complex, wheel up to your garage door, click it up and roll in going into your condo garage entrance.  Rarely do you feel alone as you have so much going on and to do, but on this day the emptiness of your home hits you like a “ton of bricks.”  You regret you are not married, but then you’d have the burden of knowing and not being able to tell your wife.

You pour a small glass of Jack Daniels and sit down to sip it, then reach for the phone, dialing it without looking at the numbers.
“Dad?  How are you?  I’m OK.  Dad, do you think it would be too early for us to go up to the cottage and do some fishing?  I need a break.”

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